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Introducing the brand ambassador program
To qualify as A African designs by Roni brand ambassador. You must already be familiar with at least one of our products whether you got it as a gift it was borrowed or you left it on your own additionally we are looking for These qualities in a brand ambassador
 Currently our brand and Bassett or anything Atlanta and surrounding areas you have got to love people went to Europe active in the local group in your church applicants American anthem nice Asian sorority or a natural here do you have to live African clothes and access to  Manny media group you have to be related to seven action groups on Facebook Pinterest Twitter are and African fashion. You have to love connecting with people in a variety of programs this program is probably not a great fit for you. If you are saying and do not like to take pictures this is not a programmer for you send us pictures of a variety of face photo shoots experiencing.
 If you think you represent a unique experience perspective the demographic we would do want you to mention it’s in your application how do you modeled before professionally for fun ass African designed by Ronnie ambassador we were featured you and the good luck you do I know a website and social media you would be presented with unique opportunities GIFs contests and giveaways
Brand  Ambassador application your primary name first and last, Your primary contact address in Instagram name street address line 1 and line 250 states providence is the region ZIP Code question number one how often do you go on Instagram. Per day or week,  Instagram name follow us counts this must be 1500 or more Facebook name YouTube channel blocker name of the vlog. Have you ever been an ambassador before for another company yes oh no check all that apply how do you like to interact with others taking sharing photos answering questions in forearm or social media sharing articles information and four of my social media writing articles blog post or none of the aboveWhich African designs by Roni products did you tried Head wraps African dresses accessories peplums gala dress traditional outfits fans Traditional Fans  no but I am passionate about your products yup company and your branch there are many rewards one youcan earn cash or you can earnmerchandise which ever you prefer Requirements  you are required to post 3 to 5 images a week either your Own Or a report of hours using a hashtags tragedy emailed to you Number two comment on 5 to 10 customers pictures a weekUsing a #TragedyThatWeWere emailedToYouYouHave toNotateInYourBioYouAreABrandAmbassadorAfricanDesignsByRonI You can collect your store credit once a month or you can let it accumulate the brand ambassador with the most comments oractivities where be rewarded You can create a separate Instagram or your current Instagram needs to be public nondisclosure agreements You must agree to death and non-disclosure agreement stating you were not to use African designs by Roni  marketing strategies to improve pit Implements your business you are agreeing not to disclose them with others and that by sharing or selling violating this non-disclosure agreement means that legal action may be pursued against you the party who revealed confidential information can be sued for damages and can be forced to pay backlost profits in some cases be held in contempt of court which could lead to criminal charges You definitely have to treat others the way you like to be treated and non-compete clause the noncompete clause and CC easy active when you are selected as a brand ambassador for two years after you are a brand ambassador you sure not directly or in directly solicit business from our attempt to sell nice moon or provide the same or similar products and are now provided by our customer or client from African designs by Roni you should not disclosed at anytime via bus tragedy in any manner either directly or indirectly for the use for your personal benefits if it is agreed that you are a brand ambassador you find it you tell me a disagreement irreparably harmed me a car and financial compensation will be pursued agree to the noncompete clause below and writes your name right and your name will serve as a signature and please check the box I agree No click join the family if you have a greed that we welcome you aboard and let’s get started