Who Is Dr. Veronica Shyaam

Dr. Roni is a hair and fashion designer.

She has won many hair awards and is now winning in the fashion industry. Her vision is to teach women to better their best. Her mission is to teach women with life skills classes starting every month.

As a young girl, she had always loved African clothes, she learned to sew in elementary school and learn to cook as well. She always was restless to learn and she worked very well with her hands. God bless her with God-given talent to always excel.

My Story

Humble beginnings made me who I am today. My mother was a single mother and worked very hard to put food on the table.  Growing up there were no role models for young creative girls like me in the community. That was a huge frustration for me. While my mother worked I was responsible for taking care of my younger sisters and the household. That was a lot of hard work.
I had my hope pinned to this dream that one day my faith will bring me out of poverty. In 1973, I graduated from St. Louis R.C Girls School. It was like the whole world opened up for me. I became an elementary school teacher for four years at Saint Georges Government school Queens Park. I was anxious to leave home and got married at 21. By the age of 22, I traveled to the USA.  I graduated with my Bachelor’s, Masters, Doctoral, and post-Doctorial in cosmetology.
Still restless to do something better for myself and my family, in 2000 I became a fashion designer.  I knew if I could wear African clothes I could certainly sell them.  I worked hard to get the business off the ground with the support of my husband and children.

The Business

African Designs by Roni was started in 2010. We Specialize in combining African wear to get our audience culturally rooted. Combining African tradition with Caribbean culture. Our Goal is to make the FAMILY feel glamorous and elegant in African clothing regardless of body shape or size we go all the way from size 0 to infinity.

We choose vibrant, bright fabric to spice up your wardrobe, if you do not see anything that you need send us a custom order we will gladly provide it for you as to your specifications. Our goal is to paint a picture on the canvas of the imagination of all our  clients with bright vibrant ethnic material that is a must for all family